Noel Tock

I'm a Swiss digital nomad that loves creating products online. My typical day to day consists of WordPress, Front-End Design and Product Management. Above all, I'm also one of the three owners at Human Made, a VIP Partner. You can hire us.

Selected Projects
SaaS Platform whereby restaurants can create and manage their own websites. Complete with front-end editor, drag & drop interface and numerous partner integrations.
A real-time map of Digital Nomads utilising various social API's. Even though it's still early, it already has well over half a million data points.
Project Reality
#1 Battlefield Mod & Mod of the Year Community-powered modification for the Battlefield franchise as well as ARMA in later years. Started in 2004, and I personally retired from the project in 2008. It still thrives today.
Game Artist
Sold to CG-Society - One of the first communities built for professional computer & video game artists. Interviews, tutorials, etc. all built using vBulletin.