iPhone Photography – Some Favorites & Experiments

Beyond resolution, aperture, shutter speed and all the technical strengths my cameras possess, I still love taking pictures with my iPhone. Its simplicity, limitations and horrible noise patterns make for a new challenge every time it’s pulled out. The only thing I adjusted on the following shots was contrast and/or saturation, adjustments that are easily done with one of many iPhone graphic editing apps. Some shots I really like, whilst others just showed me how to turn around another limitation.

iphone photography switzerland
Limitation turned abstract. The long shutter drag is evident when shot from this moving bus.
iphone photography switzerland
Portability: Sometimes the light hits just right, and all you have is your phone :)

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Client – Shamrock Irish Pub

Shamrock Irish Pub Website Template

If you’re looking for an Irish Pub Web Template or WordPress Theme, please see this Pubforce – English & Irish Pub WordPress Theme

Creating the Shamrock website was a blast! What I had noticed in my initial research was that many of the Irish/British pubs locally had a corporate undertone in their online presence. By going with a warmer and more personal website, I wanted to reflect what the pub truly was; a family-run business. Continue reading “Client – Shamrock Irish Pub”

Client: Sail Nassau

sail nassau bahamas atlantis

This was a very fun project to work on. Sail Nassau is a sailing charter in Nassau, The Bahamas.  This is what Jayson Hayman, owner of Sail Nassau had to say…

Thanks for all your help, getting them done so quick – it’s been a big help and the results are vastly superior to what we’ve had to work with in the past. It has also given me lots of ideas for stuff we can do when the boats are back in the water in October.

They offer two services, on one hand they have the racing experience and on the other the romantic sunset cruise. Continue reading “Client: Sail Nassau”

Client: Shogun Revolver (Nassau, The Bahamas)

Shogun Revolver is a modern Japanese restaurant in Nassau, The Bahamas. This was an exciting project to work on as this establishment has an excellent set of Chefs (Michael Pataran & Jay Scaife). The purpose of the shoot was to put together photography of all aspects of the business, ranging from food, staff to the location. For many of the shots, I settled on natural lighting (plus a reflector):

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