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How-to: Custom Post Types for Events Pt. 2

Now that we’ve handled the entire registration and back-end functionality (see Pt. 1) of our events custom post type, it’s time to move on to our design output (download the file for this tutorial here)! There’s no point in having fancy custom post types if you can’t display them properly. As you may remember, the entire reason […]

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Fast & Furious WordPress Theme Development

I’m somewhat of a productivity nut; I automatically track my time through rescuetime, try to automate my workflows and absolutely despise repetitive work.¬†After all, life is short, why spend it doing the same thing over and over again (I’m also fortunate enough to be able to make career choices)? As a designer, coding has always […]

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How-to: Custom Post Types for Events

Chances are you found this page looking for a tutorial on how to create Events with Custom Post Types within WordPress. I will outline the entire process I’ve used for one of my themes that I’m re-coding (in order to make use of this great feature). You can also download the entire custom post type […]