Book update: Customizing WordPress Admin

If you came here for pictures, there aren’t many yet :) However, I’ll be sending out updates and a launch deal for those that sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the post. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a lot of fun putting together a book on customizing the WordPress […]

Joining Human Made

Over the past four years I’ve had plenty of fun with client work, open source projects and a fair amount of selling digital goods. At some point during that period I also quit my day job, which freed up a ton of time and further created opportunities. I thoroughly enjoy what I do now, which […]

WordSesh Notes: WordPress as SaaS

Thanks to all that participated and joined the WordSesh event. It was a blast, especially since there were around 250-300 people watching live. Here’s our session WordPress as SaaS (Software as a Service), lead by Joe and myself: Here are all the links for our talk: SaaS Products happytables Clickbank Powered Dashboard We talked briefly […]

Quick Hits: WordPress and Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics is an upgrade to the Google Analytics we’ve all been using for years, a welcome one at that. You can read more about it here and the KissMetrics blog also has a good write-up here. The gist is, we have more flexibility, in particular for pushing custom data (we had a limit of […]

Rethinking WordPress Admin

After having tackled customizing wp-admin with happytables, I’ve once again had the opportunity to go through the motions with an exciting project in a new vertical. The good news is that it’s completely doable: The bad; it’s time consuming, hacky and leaves a bad taste in your mouth (similar to doing responsive web design in a rush). […]

Adaptive Content Images within WordPress

There are plenty of adaptive image solutions out there, but I needed one that understood the relevance of the content area, automatically created re-sized images for various breakpoints and minimized the download impact for end-users. Remember, images that are part of your theme should be solved through the theme files, my goal was to tackle any […] Verticals and the Future

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of initiatives trying to touch on niche business segments. As happytables is fairly known within the community, some chatter came up when the most recent vertical relating to restaurants was released. I’d like to take this opportunity to clear some things up as well as […]

Using LESS with WordPress

Back when I used to have an office job, 80% of the work was repetitive and far from challenging. As a result, I came up with ways to automate various tasks (think Excel Macros, Access, Crystal Reports, etc.). This allowed me to focus on items that actually required some form of judgement or decision-making. When […]

WordCamps, can we get a Case Studies Track?

I’ve always been of the opinion that WordCamp is about everything that happens outside of the presentations. Whilst that is still the most important to me, I do find myself occasionally looking at the presentation schedule and not feeling particular excited for a number of sessions. Why is that? I’ve pondered over this question during the past […]

Making sense of the Redesign

In pursuit of awesome conversion rates, I’ve been amazed by all sorts of landing pages over the years. The redesign of in the last day was obviously one to watch out for.  I however can’t help but wonder if they’re going to see the amount of sign-ups decline? The first rule of conversion club […]


Custom Post Types are not Posts

Custom post types are e-commerce products, books, real estate properties and many other things, but the last thing they are, are posts. So why do we continue to use the default posts interface to manage all this awesome additional information we’re storing? Data. I was wondering about this issue a while back, as we (Theme […]

custom wordpress admin

WP Admin is an Experience too.

Many of us working with WordPress on a daily basis focus all our creative energy on how our solutions interact with the user through the theme. But what about the admin area? According to W3Techs, WordPress is now running 15% of sites, but how many of them have an admin area that is tailored to […]

fullcalendar wordpress

Custom Post Types: FullCalendar & JSON

This tutorial builds on my previous how-to’s relating to creating & using Events with Custom Post Types (all within WordPress). With the first tutorial came a number of comments, a couple of which were looking to integrate the events custom post type with FullCalendar, an extremely well put together jQuery plugin created by Adam Shaw […]


Review: Professional WordPress Plugin Development (2011)

Being a theme designer & developer, Professional WordPress Plugin Development is a breath of fresh air in a community where learning material is oftentimes scattered, fragmented or incomplete. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great resources out there, but you’ll need to dig for them. Having a concise reference book and/or ‘best practices’ […]

wordpress ical

How-to: iCal with Custom Post Types

In line with my previous custom post type tutorials for events (backend & frontend), I’d like to show how easy it is to create an iCal feed of those events (download the full file here). There are a few iCal for WordPress plug-ins out there, but none that will handle custom post types right off […]

custom post types events pub

How-to: Custom Post Types for Events Pt. 2

Now that we’ve handled the entire registration and back-end functionality (see Pt. 1) of our events custom post type, it’s time to move on to our design output (download the file for this tutorial here)! There’s no point in having fancy custom post types if you can’t display them properly. As you may remember, the entire reason […]

wp-devel wordpress

Fast & Furious WordPress Theme Development

I’m somewhat of a productivity nut; I automatically track my time through rescuetime, try to automate my workflows and absolutely despise repetitive work. After all, life is short, why spend it doing the same thing over and over again (I’m also fortunate enough to be able to make career choices)? As a designer, coding has always […]

Custom Post Types Meta Box

How-to: Custom Post Types for Events

Chances are you found this page looking for a tutorial on how to create Events with Custom Post Types within WordPress. I will outline the entire process I’ve used for one of my themes that I’m re-coding (in order to make use of this great feature). You can also download the entire custom post type […]


Charity: Stiggy’s Dogs

I meant to put a write-up a while ago about this project, but alas clients always have priority over updating my portfolio. As I had previously mentioned, I think this is a great cause and I was happy that I was available at the time, which  is why it worked out perfectly.