Adaptive Content Images within WordPress

There are plenty of adaptive image solutions out there, but I needed one that understood the relevance of the content area, automatically created re-sized images for various breakpoints and minimized the download impact for end-users. Remember, images that are part of your theme should be solved through the theme files, my goal was to tackle any […] Verticals and the Future

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of initiatives trying to touch on niche business segments. As happytables is fairly known within the community, some chatter came up when the most recent vertical relating to restaurants was released. I’d like to take this opportunity to clear some things up as well as […]

Using LESS with WordPress

Back when I used to have an office job, 80% of the work was repetitive and far from challenging. As a result, I came up with ways to automate various tasks (think Excel Macros, Access, Crystal Reports, etc.). This allowed me to focus on items that actually required some form of judgement or decision-making. When […]

WordCamps, can we get a Case Studies Track?

I’ve always been of the opinion that WordCamp is about everything that happens outside of the presentations. Whilst that is still the most important to me, I do find myself occasionally looking at the presentation schedule and not feeling particular excited for a number of sessions. Why is that? I’ve pondered over this question during the past […]

Making sense of the Redesign

In pursuit of awesome conversion rates, I’ve been amazed by all sorts of landing pages over the years. The redesign of in the last day was obviously one to watch out for.  I however can’t help but wonder if they’re going to see the amount of sign-ups decline? The first rule of conversion club […]